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Victoria is definitely NOT the place to be if you are a bird or a kangaroo!

KILLING COUNTRY Taken from In Australia’s State of Victoria, ATCWs are authorities to control wildlife, for the majority of permits issued and for the majority of animals, control means kill. “In a place where nature does not count, counting nature can be a grim business. The reality is that the Victorian Government knows very little about the outcomes for

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Pet Store Kookaburra in Virginia USA

Update Monday 8th April 2019 ‘I located a beautiful sanctuary who was very happy to rehome Thunder. This sanctuary already has a female kookaburra named Adelaide, so Thunder would have gained a girlfriend companion. In the sanctuary, Adelaide is free to hunt her own food and live in a beautiful habitat. The not-for-profit Sanctuary was ready to drive up and

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Mass Deaths of Possums on the Mornington Peninsula

It is so important that in the ever increasing temperature extremes and heat waves to ensure that you have water available to wildlife in your garden. Shallow dishes of water, bird baths, water troughs and ponds all make welcome additions to a large number of native animals. In a heatwave it may mean you save wildlife lives. How can we

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Anatomy of an Overseas Campaign

When we look at the possible modern reasons as to why kangaroos are still maligned as ‘pests’, even in drought when their numbers crash, it becomes obvious when you discover the economic benefit big business and government have for perpetuating the misinformation. Read on, in this excerpt from a forthcoming book by Maria Taylor on Australia’s deadly relationship with its

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Caring for Wildlife- Maria Taylor visits two local heros of animal medicine and welfare in south-east NSW

Maria Taylor visits two local heros of animal medicine and welfare in south-east NSW in this excerpt from her forthcoming book. ‘What are kangaroos like personally? I ask him what is his experience with macropods, the kangaroos on a personal, behavioural level? They are all different, he answers — physiology, behaviour, different age groups, and response to treatment or anaesthesia

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