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Mass Deaths of Possums on the Mornington Peninsula

It is so important that in the ever increasing temperature extremes and heat waves to ensure that you have water available to wildlife in your garden.¬†Shallow dishes of water, bird baths, water troughs and ponds all make welcome additions to a large number of native animals. In a heatwave it may mean you save wildlife lives. How can we […]

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Important Links- NSW Kangaroo Cruelty

Don’t believe us? Knowledge and information on this subject is really important. With the kangaroo industry, farmers and politicians all with vested interests in keeping the kangaroo maligned as a ‘pest’ that reproduces out of control and must be culled, we need to look at all the facts. Many of these groups also have Facebook groups you can join. With […]

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NSW Kangaroos Letters to and From the Government/Authorities

AWPC’s Letter to NSW Premier Kangaroo Cull Email Letter from Minister’s Office to the AWPC Letter to NSW AWL- Roo Cull Monitoring Letter to NSW Police Minister- Roo Cull Monitoring Letter to NSW RSPCA- Roo Cull Monitoring Letter to Eve Kelly AWPC from NSW Police Re monitoring of welfare As you can see only NSW police replied to your letter […]

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