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Relocate Mernda Mob of Innocent Kangaroos Petition WE NEED TO BE THE VOICE FOR THESE KANGAROOS! AUSTRALIA NEEDS TO HELP OUR PRECIOUS NATIVE SPECIES AND STOP WAITING FOR THEM TO DIE! Once again, human development has trapped a mob of Macropods in a small and unsustainable area, with limited food supply and without access to water. Many people look forward to visiting Australia because they want to

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Lidl Ends Bloody Kangaroo Meat Trade

  Animal welfare charity Viva! scores another victory in long-standing kangaroo campaign as budget supermarket chain Lidl finally caves to public pressure and ends trade in kangaroo meat. With frozen food giants Iceland dropping sales earlier this year, Lidl had remained the only UK supermarket carrying the meat on occasion as part of their weekly promotional deals. Marketing the ‘deluxe

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