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The Postcard- Stop NSW Kangaroo Cruelty

Download the postcard and have your own printed: NSW Letter writing campaign Postcard We have one with a blank ‘addressee’ on the bank so you can add in your local MP/candidate, and three others with the addresses to send already printed on the back (the front picture is all the same). Just add your name and address, and a stamp, […]

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The Letter- Stop NSW Cruelty

Send to: The Hon. Mick Veitch, MLC Shadow Minister for Primary Industries NSW Parliament House Macquarie Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Gladys Berejiklian MP NSW Premier 280 Willoughby Rd Naremburn NSW 2065 The Hon. Matthew John KEAN Minister for Energy and Environment Suite 5 The Madison 25-29 Hunter Street HORNSBY NSW 2077   AND your local MPs, Greens, […]

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Us and Them — the End Game?

ABOVE: from a hunting website in Queensland a year ago. As in Queensland, the NSW government is actively calling for ‘volunteers’  to shoot the wildlife – “to help the farmers” they say. Apart from basic ethical and usefulness issues, in both states there is no evidence of oversight on capacity to shoot accurately; take care of joeys; or manage any […]

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Kangaroo Counts- Counting Virtual Kangaroos by Maria Taylor – 12/11/2018

How do they get those numbers? “This could be the greatest wildlife swindle in scientific history…  In 2011, I reviewed government data finding that kangaroos are in serious long-term decline in New South Wales. I submitted exhaustive scientific evidence detailing critical errors in government population surveys; flaws in the harvest model; systematic inflation of kangaroo numbers; and over-allocation of quotas. […]

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Kangaroos in Victoria- Status 2019

‘Australia is hooked on killing its wildlife, a gambler playing fast and loose with its biodiversity. Welcome to the State of Victoria and its rapidly dwindling Kangaroo population. There is currently a review of the Victorian Government’s Kangaroo pet food trial, which commenced in March 2014 and ends in March 2019.’ “The general point is that so many places on […]

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