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The Kangaroo especially, in this country is under enormous pressure from both the commercial kangaroo industry and the rural sector and it needs as much support as it can get for it’s very survival in it’s home land.

Take a look around this site and if you can help in any way our kangaroos and other wildlife that are under threat then you will have made a valuable contribution to our beautiful and unique Australian fauna.

By doing so will help ensure they are still here for future generations of Australians.

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We are calling for a TOTAL European Union ban on the trade in all products derived from the commercial slaughter of kangaroos and to adopt an unconditional prohibition on the imports of kangaroo products, without exception and loopholes, to help save the lives of 440,000 at foot baby kangaroos who die every year.

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Kangaroos – Myths and Realities
Our latest Publication exposing the myths underlying the persecution and exploitation of Australia’s maligned National symbol
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Wildlife Awareness Education Program now online

A program based on an ecological perspective and designed for an Australian, Level 3-4 (Grades 3–6) for use at a class, group or individual level.
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