Demand that two men gulty of the torture and killing of a koala are given a stronger sentence

In an act of savagery, two men bludgeoned a koala, before burning it to death on a campfire in country Victoria.  Camping on the Murray River near Cobram, one of them hit the koala with a machete to “separate it from a pet dog”.  The other man threw the injured, but alive animal, on to a campfire, before burying its remains.

The suffering of this koala would have been unimaginable; their actions inexcusable. Koalas are defenceless, gentle, slow-moving and protected wildlife, iconic native animals of our country.

The two criminals were sentenced to confinement in a Youth Justice Centre for aggravated animal cruelty, a $250 fine each for disposing of protected wildlife.  However, the sentence was softened, after an appeal! The two were thus sentenced to only 200 hours of community service!  This is a “slap on the wrist” sentence.

We petition the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions that the perpetrators of animal cruelty be sentenced much more harshly – to ensure justice, and to act as a strong deterrent.

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Demand that two men gulty of the torture and killing of a koala are given a stronger sentence

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  • Valerie Hatton

    Thinking that a sentence of community service is a fitting punishment for this crime is a symptom of how out of touch the judiciary is with sociiety and its mores.

  • Killers are killers, whether they kill humans or animals. They deserve a fitting sentence, which is more than simply community service. How can you let them be free to more harm???

  • Anke Michele Stobrava

    I am horrified by the light sentence these men were given in exchange for their barbarism. That poor creature, how he must have suffered.

  • Just give me the names of these criminals and I will travel to Australia and will put them to fire. After that they do not harm anyone anymore!! I will do it free of charge. Just give the names to me!!!!

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