End the deliberate carnage of our Victorian waterbirds- called a “sport”

810 birds, including 68 endangered freckled ducks, were shot and left to die on Victorian wetlands on the opening weekend of the duck shooting season. These dead birds were left outside Premier Daniel Andrew’s office.

Australia’s rarest waterfowl, the Freckled Duck breeds in swamps in inland Australia.  The Freckled Duck may be easily confused with the Pacific Black Duck, Anas superciliosa, and the Hardhead, Aythya australis.

Just what is the purpose of giving the label “endangered” when they can be confused, or deliberately eliminated, for this blood sport?

Duck shooters themselves often don’t even realise that the birds they are shooting are native. On top of this, a recent ecological survey found waterbird numbers are the lowest they have been in 34 years.  The same State government department, DELWP, is responsible for administering our Wildlife Act, by default to protect our native bird/animals, so it’s an gross conflict of interest that they also remove their protected status to declare a DUCK SHOOTING SEASON.


Duck shooters don’t discriminate on what birds they kill, and every single season swans, avocets and rare freckled ducks become victims, too. Time and time again, duck shooters have proven that they can’t be trusted.

Victoria’s wetlands are rich in 50,000 years of indigenous heritage. A thriving, nature-based wetlands tourism industry is the way of the future. It will not only revitalise country towns, but will protect the financial future of regional Victorians. Many duck-shooters call themselves “conservationists” yet they leave behind rubbish and pollution, and their carnage!

Duck numbers are still recovering after low water levels in recent years and protected species and other waterbirds often fall victim to duck hunters. In addition to this our native water birds will be under attack from thousands of shooters, who are often inexperienced and reckless. Many birds will be shot but not killed outright and will be left to die slow torturous deaths or will drown, unable to swim or fly any further due to painful injuries.

Duck shooting has been banned in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales and that according to a Morgan Poll, 2007; an overwhelming 87% of Victorians support a ban on duck shooting, including many who live locally to wetlands where duck shooting takes place; it seems undeniable that the Victorian Government’s policies on this issue are lagging behind the current values and beliefs of our society.

Our native water birds have the right to live unharmed and in peace in their natural home. Please help to end this barbarism, tell our Premier the killing must end now!
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Premier of Victoria
Premier Daniel Andrews

Duck shooting is hideously cruel. But that’s not the only reason why we should ban the ‘sport’.


PETITION: Ban Duck Shooting


(featured image: Freckled duck- Wikipedia org)

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