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Where’s the environmental extremists now that Belconnen is being “developed” for housing?

Despite the massive “cull” of kangaroos, 2008, there’s new housing “developments” planned for Belconnen. Sections of the site are listed for its natural heritage as habitat for the endangered Golden Sun Moth. The site also contains the only known location of the threatened Ginninderra Peppercress, a small perennial herb.   514 healthy kangaroos including pouched joeys and at-foot joeys were killed

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Australia’s culture of killing native animals

The culture or vilification of kangaroos, as “pests” and their killing has become engrained into our history as a macabre type of environmental “management”. It’s rationalized as a human responsibility to control their numbers, as we have changed the environment so much, due to infrastructure and agriculture, to such as way as to encourage their overpopulation and breeding! They thus

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Protect Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos from destructive urban sprawl

Half the remaining Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos would be wiped out under WA’s State Government land-use plans to meet the Perth-Peel region’s population growth over coming decades, a leaked report shows. The draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan is designed to meet the challenge of supporting a projected 3.5 million people by 2050.  This “projected” growth is about promoting housing

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Ringtail Possum and tree decline Western Port News, December 1

Eucalyptus trees (in particular Eucalyptus radiata & Eucalytus ovata) across the Mornington Peninsula and beyond are undergoing decline, and Ringtail possums are to blame, according to Dr Jeff Yugovic.  The “overbrowsing” of the possums is being declared the reason for the trees’ demise, with little scientific data and other alternative causes have barely considered. Our indigenous native herbivores are easy

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 “Avoid culling roos for development by planning wildlife corridors,” says Craig Thomson, AWPC’s new Wildlife Planning Officer. Today, 7 December 2015, the Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) announced its appointment of Mr Craig Thomson, of Wildlife Ecosystems Retention and Restoration, as their Wildlife Planning Officer. “It’s a great privilege to work with AWPC,” said Mr Thomson. “Currently with land clearing

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