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Hunting Dingoes, Logging Koalas, Pounding Plovers, and Heeding Dr Seuss

On 26 October, the Andrews Government announced a ‘bounty’ system—members of the public will now be offered a reward of $120 for every dingo or wild dog killed.  There is deep concern over the impact of a bounty on Victoria’s threatened dingo populations, as well as potentially counterproductive impacts on livestock protection. Dingoes and wild dogs were previously targeted strategically—in

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The Dingo Bounty – Victorian Labor’s Environmental Policy Amnesia – Political Opportunism Trumps Principle

The Andrews Labor Government has, in our considered opinion, just failed an important test of its integrity in relation to threatened species listings and biodiversity governance. Immediately prior to losing office in December 2010, the Brumby Labor government had finalized listing the dingo as a threatened native taxon under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. The current Labor government’s has,

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Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference -Dingo meat to Asia

From 30th August to 1st September 2016, the University of Queensland will be hosting a ‘Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference’, with 10 keynote speakers plus others. While the confer- ence seems to be focused on conservation, many speakers will be discussing wildlife ‘management’, including wildlife ‘harvesting’. The opening keynote address: ‘A sorry tale of sheep, kangaroos and goats’

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Australia to Kill Goats Using Self-Destructing Dingoes

Marc Bekoff Ph.D. Animal Emotions Australia to Kill Goats Using Self-Destructing Dingoes New Zealand plan is to exterminate all introduced predators and other animals July 25, 2016 New Zealand’s comprehensive plans to kill millions of animals challenges conservation psychology and anthrozoology. How do we react to New Zealand’s plans to kill millions & millions of animals using the most egregious,

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Queensland Environment Minister Must Initiate Independent Enquiry into Dingo Mismanagement and Cruelty on Fraser Island April 1, 2016

National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program (Inc. A0051763G ) Thursday, April 1, 2016 President of the National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program Inc. research veterinarian and animal ethics expert, Dr Ian Gunn, called on the Qld Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles, to initiate an independent inquiry into cruelty & mismanagement of the dingoes on Fraser Island. Dr Gunn said the

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