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Logan & Albert Conservation Association TO: THE HONOURABLE GREG HUNT, MP, FEDERAL MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Dear Minister Hunt, Please reject the development application for the proposed North Maclean Enterprise Precinct at North Maclean, South-East Queensland which involves clearing 289 acres of koala and quoll habitat. PROTECT KOALAS AND QUOLLS Ask Federal MP Greg Hunt to SAY NO TO INDUSTRY

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Possums cruelly ridiculed by Channel 10’s shallow reporting

Letter from Adrianna Simmons, Wildlife carer invited onto the program, The Project. 13 July, 2015 To writers Gerard McCulloch and Aleisha McCormack Network Ten Dear The Project Producers, When I was approached last Thursday 9 th of July to take part in an interview to talk about the consumption of possums for your program “The Project” I honestly thought that

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Gifts and merchandise from AWPC shop

Kangaroos, Myths and Realities A coalition of citizens and scientists including Professor Peter Singer, Barrister Cliff Papayanni, Dr. Daniel Ramp, Dr. Dror Ben Ami, Dr. John Auty and Kakkib Li’dthia Warrawee’a along with co-editors Maryland Wilson and Dr. David Croft have joined in this book to expose the myths underlying the persecution and exploitation of Australia’s maligned National symbol –

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Pass legislation requiring all cat owners to confine cats to their property 24 hours a day, as well as sterilise, register and microchip all domesticated cats in Victoria

Petition: Across Victoria and Australia we are losing millions of native animals each day as a direct result of feral and domesticated cats. Currently there is no suitable way to control the impacts of feral cats, but the impacts of domesticated cats can easily be halted by simply confining you cats to your property 24 hours a day, sterilising, registering

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Cassowary – the decline of the World’s Most Dangerous Bird

The southern cassowary is the world’s third largest bird. It is one of Australia’s largest land animals and plays a unique role in the ecology of the World Heritage listed rainforests of tropical Australia. They stand between 1.5-2 metres in height and both sexes are similar in appearance. Adults are striking with their glossy black plumage and bright blue neck

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