Kangaroo Island to “cull” kangaroos?

Environmentalists have raised concerns over the potential culling of kangaroos to accommodate a proposed $14 million golf course and resort on Kangaroo Island.  Contrary to their name, Kangaroo Island plans to have a “cull” of the animals that give the island it’s name!

Programmed Turnpoint, the developer, wants the 18-hole links-style course on Kangaroo Island’s Dudley Peninsula.

Australia’s most famous golfer Greg Norman has been approached regarding the design the 18-hole championship length, Par 72 links-style golf course.

Development plans for a 220ha site on southern side of the island has support from the council and the island’s business lobby.

This developer has listed culling as an option to reduce the high number of western grey kangaroos and Tammar wallabies in the area. This will be done in terms of “management of kangaroos” to restore the balance of native vegetation, despite the fact that the golf course will be manicured grass!

Eco Action Kangaroo Island management group said culling kangaroos would have widespread ramifications for the island’s international reputation and tourist numbers.  International visitors come to Kangaroo Island and expect to see kangaroos, not another golf course.

 “Kangaroo Island without kangaroos is just not Kangaroo Island,” wildlife carer Sue Holman said.


(image: Kangaroo Island kangaroo – South Australia)

In 1997, culling of koalas was proposed as a component of an integrated strategy to manage high density populations on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. So, to “manage” wildlife, they are “culled” and this fixes the problem and removes the animals as well!  It’s a bit like fixing problems in a hospital by removing the patients, or euthanising an animal to “cure” a disease.   It sparked an outrage and ultimately led to a decision at the Commonwealth level that culling will not be considered for management of koalas.

Kangaroo Island residents are opposing the plan but with the usual partnership between councils and developers they will be struggling.  Developers, with deep pockets and economic power to sway councils, don’t like to be told “no” to their plans.  They will enclose and encapsulate their “cull” in environmental terms, and even convince the Council and public that it’s “good” for the environment and “good” for the animals!

Money, sport, development and tourism all are usually disastrous for wildlife, and their habitat.

Provide Feedback to Kangaroo Island Council on your opinion of this oxymoron – a “cull” of kangaroos on Kangaroo Island.


(featured image: Kangaroo Island kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus), Karatta, Kangaroo Island, South Australia)

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  • Dr Christina Oberstebrink

    What a horrifying idea, culling Kangaroos for a golf course. Of the latter we have way too many anyway, and tourists have them all over the world. They create a sterile kind of place. At Kangaroo Island you have better things to offer, beautiful nature and wonderful, rare animals. Let the golfers go elsewhere.

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