Mass Deaths of Possums on the Mornington Peninsula

Ringtail on Balnarring Beach Monday Diane Leitch

It is so important that in the ever increasing temperature extremes and heat waves to ensure that you have water available to wildlife in your garden. 
Shallow dishes of water, bird baths, water troughs and ponds all make welcome additions to a large number of native animals. In a heatwave it may mean you save wildlife lives.

Ringtail dead on Capel Sound Foreshore Pic R. Nevinson

Debbie Molenkamp Ringtail drinking St Andrews

How can we help?
In a heatwave it is really important to leave shallow dishes of water out in your garden for local wildlife, keep your pets away from wildlife in distress and if you come across wildlife in distress call wildlife rescue groups for help and/or advice. If you come across a ringtail possum on the ground you can place a towel over the head of the possum and the rest of the body and place it in a cardboard box and bring inside. Also, place a small dish of water in the box, do not try to force it to drink, and keep it dark and quiet. If the possum seems to have recovered by the evening and the temperature has cooled down, it should be fine to release back where you found it but please ask for advice if unsure.

Check out this amazing video! Malcolm Legg’s Video- Importance of a water source in your backyard for Australian wildlife.

Ringtail watered J. Hansen Rye

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