NSW Kangaroo Cruelty

Stop Kangaroo Cruelty in NSW!

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1. Demand an end to the cruelty of kangaroos in NSW!


In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regards to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of culling kangaroos.

This unethical measure paved the way for an increased number of inexperienced shooters to kill kangaroos. As a result, kangaroos are being maimed, killed inhumanely and joeys at foot left to starve to death at numbers that are totally unacceptable to the Australian community.

Already, hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are suffering unethical body-shots in the commercial industry. With these relaxed conditions, a major increase in the inhumane treatment of vulnerable kangaroos is certain.

‘The RSPCA’s research shows commercial shooters have lifted their accuracy rates from 86 to 96 percent.

The four percent variable still equates to 100,000 kangaroos. Farmers and sporting shooters, it says, have shown no improvement in their accuracy rates’ Kellie Russell, Landline 2002

‘What happens when those does [kangaroo mothers] are shot before the shooter can get to the joey is that those joeys have scarpered off, the reality is that those joeys will die from starvation and if not from predation and that in a humane society can’t be tolerated. Dr. Hugh Wirth RSPCA, Landline 2002

‘The problem with shooting and culling kangaroos is that when these animals are shot they often aren’t killed and it is extraordinarily inhumane. If we were processing domestic livestock the same way we do kangaroos it would shut down immediately. People would be just horrified. I think we need to have that same empathy and understanding for kangaroos as we would a cow. Terri Irwin ‘Kangaroo’ the movie 2017

This unnecessary and unethical cruelty must end!

2. Draft a Letter/Email to your Local and State Representatives

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-Use our letter as is, or individualise it with your concerns
-Insert the date, your address details and the minister’s address
-We recommend you send a copy to one (or all) of the following:

The Hon. Gabrielle Upton, MP
Minister for the Environment
330 New South Head Road

The Hon. Mick Veitch, MLC
Shadow Minister for Primary Industries NSW
Parliament House
Macquarie Street

Gladys Berejiklian MP
NSW Premier
280 Willoughby Rd
Naremburn NSW 2065


AND your local MPs, Greens, Labor, Liberal, National and Independent candidates

Download the letter here: http://awpc.org.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Stop-Kangaroo-Cruelty-in-NSW-Draft-Letter.docx

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Dear (insert the minister/candidate’s title and name),


NSW kangaroo management is unacceptable to any compassionate and moral Australian citizen, and it just got worse.

In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regard to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of private culling of kangaroos in addition to a huge commercial hunt across the state.

This unethical political appeal to some NSW farmers also recruits city shooters to kill kangaroos in a totally unmonitored program. More kangaroos than ever are being maimed before death and unweaned joeys at foot left to starve.

In the commercial industry hundreds of thousands of kangaroos suffer face or body shots annually before being finally killed (RSPCA statistics). The non-commercial ‘less professional’ killing, promoted by NSW Primary Industries, now with even less conditions, is unacceptably inhumane. Here is an eyewitness account from NSW landowners who have witnessed commercial hunting along their property line for nearly a decade.

‘We have seen hundreds of kangaroo’s heads that have been butchered and left in the field. Many do not have a gunshot wound to them…. We have witnessed kangaroo heads that have been shot in regions of the head other than the brain case, often in the front of the head, [these kangaroos] may not have died until sometime after, often showing the signs of gruesome secondary trauma from a length of metal pipe or an axe.
Joeys are often not killed with their mothers but ripped from her pouch and discarded into the bushes, not even counted as a statistical ‘kill’. We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up. We see them in the mornings lost and bewildered. We may see them again the next evening, but usually never again after that. This is considered ‘acceptable collateral damage’.

The group social structure is ruined. The mob is in disarray. The fields smell of death.’

The nature of kangaroo hunting and culling for economic purposes is inherently cruel to individual animals, destroys the kangaroo presence in natural ecosystems and bloodies our national icon, shaming Australia in other countries.

We are among many citizens who say it has to stop and will vote for reform of wildlife management.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert your name)


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