Kangaroos in Victoria- Status 2019

‘Australia is hooked on killing its wildlife, a gambler playing fast and loose with its biodiversity. Welcome to the State of Victoria and its rapidly dwindling Kangaroo population. There is currently a review of the Victorian Government’s Kangaroo pet food trial, which commenced in March 2014 and ends in March 2019.’

“The general point is that so many places on this vast continent are now completely devoid of Kangaroos, and that includes parts of Victoria, the state, among others, which we have travelled extensively in recent months looking for animals”

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‘On our extensive travels, we see similar patterns across the Australian Continent including Western Australia (places like the Pilbara), Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory (Arnhem Land, West MacDonnell Ranges etc) and Tasmania where the Forester Kangaroo is down to well below 10 per cent of its former population. The story in New South Wales and Queensland is perhaps the most distressing of all.

In the case of Kangaroo species, this slaughter of Australia’s wildlife also draws in the dependant young as female Kangaroos with young are also killed and the young are not counted. Pouch dependant young are required by the Australian Government to be killed by a blow to the brain and metal objects such as tow bars are used for this purpose. An old trick is to swing the young by holding their hind feet and smashing their heads on a car bonnet or fence post.’
Peter Hylands


I have written this update analysis about the status of Kangaroos in the southern State of Victoria following a request for an update on the current situation from senior Palawa Woman, Aunty Ro Mudyin Godwin, the Vice President of Australia’s Kangaroos. I place the findings here for the public record. Peter Hylands

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