Reasons why people signed Stop Cruelty to Kangaroos in NSW!

Pic By S. Williams

We thank all those who have signed our petition and really appreciate all your comments too!

In only 2 weeks we have over 8000 signatures which sends a very clear message to government, and the opposition, that the public cares deeply about wildlife welfare, wildlife conservation and the environment, and will vote accordingly.

Here are some of the reasons why people signed the petition:

I live in the Bega Valley in NSW and I hear the shooting from neighbouring properties in the early evening. It breaks my heart. There is no evidence of an abundance of kangaroos in this area and yet the rules don’t look at the kangaroo populations. All you have to do is a quick , phone call to NP&WS (aren’t they supposed to protect and care for wildlife), and you get permission to kill any number based on the size of your property. eg. if you have 500 acres you can kill 50 kangaroos and reapply in 3 months to do it all again. There are NOT 50 kangaroos in my area but my neighbours shoot nearly every weekend!. There is no roadkill. In fact, you are more likely to see an echnida on the side of the road, than you are to see a kangaroo. The government needs to step up and govern in a responsible manner, and stop pandering to farmers and their lobby groups.


This is pure cruelty.. please stop it.

I believe the kangaroos should be saved

This is disgustingly inhumane.

Such horrific cruelty cannot go on. Truly heartless.

There is absolutely NO justification for slaughtering these beautiful creatures. Watch Kangaroo the movie to know the truth behind our heartless government’s and their ulterior motive for condoning kangaroo killing.

This is cruel!

Killing kangaroos is the most ignorant solution imaginable.

Our backwards leaders seem to only come up with killing, poisoning or burning as a response to the environmental and climate crisis. Insane men are killing this world.

The NSW government seems determined to eradicate all wildlife from the state and it is everyone’s responsibility to vote the Libs out, to save our beautiful native animals from extinction. Such ugly little nobodies in their little offices signing death warrants on kangas – the whole thing stinks of ignorance and corruption, as per usual for this state. what a hateful bunch of zombies.


Its time to stop killing our roos, what they need is protection! Our roos bring joy no harm! Kangaroos die in terrible ways each day from car accidents, through stress from developments, illness from introduced grass, for the meat industry…. from farmers that don’t want to believe a roo is not responsible for their problem….if we don’t stop the slaughter our roos go extinct and this means less tourists to and less jobs!


Its about time this government became pro life and found alternatives to the plight of our wildlife which has been brought on by human invasion.

Our wildlife needs protection

SHAME! ALL animals deserve to be treated HUMANELY!

Stop the killing… please.

Kangaroos are slaughtered more than any other native animal in the world. This cruelty against our national emblem must stop.

I am signing because all Australian wildlife has the right to live on this land. It’s so cruel and unjustified. Humans do far far more damage to the land than any animals.we have NO right to take the lives of others just because we can. Its bloody wrong!!


This abject cruelty needs to stop right now.

Because kangaroos are Australia’s national animal/fauna emblem, right?
(Please don’t tie me kangaroos down, sport!)

Mammal cruelty should be prosecuted by laws that criminalize it!

This is wrong!!!

I am a wildlife carer and so sick of the government’s who are there to protect our Australian animals and icons but choose to cause animal cruelty which is not right. Any human who hurts animals should get the same treatment as everyone else. We need to save the wildlife not destroy them or their habitats, trees, waterways, etc. From Alma Searle Wildlife Carer

Such a horrible way to treat our beautiful, sensitive kangaroos and wallabies. This inhumane slaughter must end.

Beautiful and truly unique. The whole world knows the Australian kangaroo. It is also on our national coat of arms. They should be treasured and protected, and not murdered for the fun of sadistic, selfish and cruel wildlife killers.

I am totally opposed to kangaroo culling/hunting and I pledge to convince all whom I can, to refuse to vote for any government which supports it. Kangaroo culling/hunting to reduce numbers has proven to be immensely cruel, ineffective, unscientific and counter-productive. Adults often escape with horrific injuries (ie: jaws blown off, body-shot injuries) to suffer slow, agonising deaths. Kangaroo’s heads are small and are difficult targets. Joeys regularly escape and suffer prolonged starvation, predation, -or they return to their dead mothers, staying with them for many days till they die themselves. The very nature of hunting means that the largest kangaroos (the ‘Alpha’ males) are shot first as they are the easiest targets. These ‘Alphas’ are the protectors of their families and prevent ‘rogue’ males from impregnating their females. Without the Alphas, many more females are impregnated (incl. those too young to carry and raise a healthy joey to independence… -joeys doomed from the start). Culling causes greater numbers and larger populations than would occur naturally. Culling is cruel, despicable and so is any government which supports it.

There is no excuse for cruelty. Not ever.

Stop it

The government needs to look at why there is this alleged problem and not just resort to massacring them. Our own species is drastically overpopulated and yet few seem to want to do anything about that.

Its time for man(KIND) to evolve beyond cruelty, violence, primitive (murderous) barbarism and sociopathic behavior or GO TO JAIL as they are a danger to civilized society.

Evidence supports a direct link between animal cruelty and violence against humans.

“This extremely violent and depraved act of animal cruelty is particularly disturbing, not only because of the unimaginable suffering animals are forced to endure, but also because of the implications such cruelty hold for the safety of the community at large.” Peter Wood.

“Animal cruelty is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign that this individual is not mentally healthy and needs some sort of intervention. Abusing animals does not dissipate these violent emotions, it may fuel them.”

Humans are called to be compassionate caregivers, protectors and stewards of our planet and its beings. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all beings are treated with respect and compassion. Never to die needlessly or cruelly. These vulnerable, innocent beings have the right to live “cruelty-free” in peace.
“We must remember in our dealings with animals that they are a SACRED TRUST to us. They cannot speak for themselves.” Harriet Beecher Stowe.

“Every worm, every insect, every animal is working for the ecological well-being of the planet. Only we humans, who claim to be the most intelligent species here, are not doing that.”

I do vote against kangaroo cruelty everywhere

Madness reigns when those who should do the right thing and ensure sanity is being practised start making it easier for greed to control them.

Get rid of the kangaroo hunts! Nature takes care of itself.

This is unacceptable cruelty.

In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regards to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of culling kangaroos. This unethical measure paved the way for an increased number of inexperienced shooters to kill kangaroos. As a result, kangaroos are being maimed, killed inhumanely and joeys at foot left to starve to death at numbers that are totally unacceptable to the Australian community. Already, hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are suffering unethical body-shots in the commercial industry. Now with this ‘shooting party’ mentality, a major increase in the inhumane treatment of kangaroos is certain.

No animal deserves cruelty and it’s hard to believe that the government of the country where kangaroo is a national animal, where it is on the Coat of Arms allows such a horrendous treatment of these animals! It has to stop, they were on this land long before us and have a full right to continue to be here and thrive.

Cruelty to animals needs to stop.

Its important to ecology of this planet,
Slaughtering, animal testing , entertainment through animals is not just beyond painful its also very unethical..
Future generation need to see all these natural heritage and beautiful natural forms on earth.
Its urgent and high time we understood that we are not superior, all form of life on earth are interdependent.
Extinction of any single specie may cause hoax and eventual destruction of the planet…
People are always getting deadly diseases and planet is already getting so over polluted, bcz of the endangering of the wild and natural habitats…
if humans are extinct the earth will flourish but the earth can never do without absence of other species..
So lets not wait for that and reverse the damage done to the planet already…
Stop the barbaric absurd activities of animal hurting or killing of any kind. There are a lot of substitutes for animal products on earth, which are torture free so lets adopt those

Kangaroos are incredible creatures.


I am over human-perpetrated cruelty to animals, to our earth, and to each other.

We have too many extinctions in Oz and culling cruelty to kangaroos is totally abhorrent and unnecessary. Stop catering to the gun happy and likeness to the good ole US of A. Protect all animals!!!!

It’s the right thing to do! No being deserves cruelty!


No more killing of our wildlife, they deserve to live just like you and me.

Every life must be respected and treated with compassion


Do we really want to be the shame of the world. We already eat our National Symbol ( well I don’t). Now we kill and let babies starve. Bravo you idiots.

Shame on Australia for allowing this atrocity to continue and escalate. This is how Australian icon that we must treasure and protect!

Our neighbor has shot all the kangaroos in this area for his dog food. As a result we have no more. Better laws are needed to protect kangaroos or they will become extinct in some areas.

Animal populations can and should be managed without cruelty.

I am a member of Sydney Wildlife, watching in horror as our greedy politicians destroy our planet and our wildlife. I care for possums, far better than feeding a politician’s ego or bank balance.

Life is precious. Just because we want the land that a mob of roos live on shouldn’t mean we kill them or shoot them to suffer a slow death.
Care for our wild life. Relocate them safely.
Respect all life all living things we each have our place and families that love us


This cruelty is sickening & must be STOPPED!

terrible treatment of any living animal, shameful we leave something we use in our national coat of arms to suffer and starve. Kangaroo numbers will eventually decline and be at such low numbers like disease free koalas are declining but our government doesn’t seem to care!

Ironic how we often give stuffed kangaroos and koalas to visiting heads of state but turn a blind eye to their treatment

Protect and care for our wildlife and their environments now, tomorrow will be a day to late.

Wildlife slaughter has to stop before its to late

I want cruelty towards all wildlife, and all animals stopped all around Australia

No excuse for this cruelty.

We will be judged by how we treat our animals, kangaroo suffer pain and loss just like humans do. Declare them sentient beings and give them the right to live in peace on the land they have lived on for thousands of years.

Its not right to shoot our roos. The pressure from many things let the numbers already sunk so its important to prodect our roos if we dont want to get them instinct. Shooters took the strong males that are important for a healthy population without this a specie cant survive!

It’s their land too

Animal cruelty is a sick mental health condition and must stop.

I’m a wildlife carer for kangaroos and no animal deserves to be treated so poorly


This is just so sad- we have to be humane- not cruel

If we were processing domestic livestock the same way we do kangaroos it would shut down immediately. People would be just horrified. I think we need to have that same empathy and understanding for kangaroos as we would a cow.

I have personally collected a live joey (at foot) from the side of a road, where it was laying in the dirt, propping its head up off the blady grasses to prevent them poking into the ghastly gun-shot wound through its face. The joey had a bullet blast wound right through its facial bones, it was blinded by the blast, and it was breathing through the massive mess of bone and blood just below its eyes. I guess the shooter assumed it was dead because it was a head shot, but I can guarantee this poor animal was very much alive. It spent the next two hours on my lap in the car, half wrapped in my jumper, alternately licking my arm and thrashing its hind legs to be released. The joey had to be put down due to the severity of its wounds, but not before it endured possibly 12hrs of agonising pain and suffering. If we had not stopped to collect this poor baby, it would have died slowly out in the baking sun by the side of the road, either from dehydration, starvation, predation, fly maggots in the facial cavity, ravens picking out its eyes while still alive, and every minute would have been in profound suffering.
This is the true face of culling!

I’m sick to death of farmers killing our native species & condemning them as pests. Humans are the pests.

Kangaroos are a native animal, part of our coat of arms, the QANTAS logo recognised worldwide. They are unique to Australia and should be left in peace.

In a civilised society wild life would not be mass murdered

Animal cruelty in Australia is a National Disgrace.
Animals are the helpless victims of Power-Hunger, Greed, Corruption, Arrogance, Ignorance, Selfishness and Savage Cruelty”.~ IL
‘Australia is NOTHING without the wildlife’.~IL

Stop the massacre of our precious kangaroos. Respect their right to live on the land that they belong to.

This is pure cruelty.. please stop it.

I believe the kangaroos should be saved

Because I’m human…

Australia must be high on the list of countries that treat their own unique wildlife with such cruelty and contempt.

These amazing creatures are one of the few things that make our country unique.
Instead we take their habitat, break up mobs, slaughter their young, use them to make money as dog food. It’s a complete disgrace. Will anybody do something before it’s too late?

This cruelty must not be tolerated anywhere in Australia.

Kangaroos are our Australian Native Symbol

Stop culling the roos fullstop! The cull itself is appalling.

This is so despicable it makes me ashamed to belong to the human race

Why? They belong on our land, they were here long before we were, treat them humanely.

It’s the right thing to do.

There is no basis on any scientific or moral level for this to occur. It is simply poilitcal

They need our voice for them to be heard

How is it Legal to kill an Australian Icon? They were here long before we were… What a disgrace…

I am disgusted with the treatment of these animals .. shame on those responsible!!

I love kangaroos

Cruelty to any animal is just barbaric. Especially one of that is on our national crest

We already are one of the worst coutries in the world for extinction why be cruel as well ? Time to wake up Aussies. PROTECT not reject

If you are friendly with a Kangaroo you will learn a good deal about about their intrinsic good manners, and their desire to demonstrate that they want to be part of what’s taking place.

They seem to have a better sense of ‘harmony’ as between individuals than most humans I encounter, and can communicate that sense better.

What Kangaroos really seem to need is some sort of ‘birth control’ programme. They are very GOOD breeders and their adjustment to a very harsh environment is to be admired as one of nature’s best achievements (perhaps sexual diphormism, Blue Cod was better ?)

It does annoy me that the people driving alongside me on the road, or those disgracing the Parliamentary Benches of Australia, have no concept that this beautiful being is DEMONSTRABLY far more intelligent than they are.


Any inhumane treatment of any creature is unexceptable.

Kangaroo should be protected

Regulation is needed on this issue

Cruelty to animals is supposed to be illegal and that covers all animals not just domestic

Kangaroos are not pests but native animals living in their homeland. They have an intrinsic value and do not exist just to be killed by humans. There is no such thing as humane killing and the killing is not sustainable. Human shooters target the largest individuals and, over time, that causes negative genetic selection of the species. Natural predators do the exact opposite; they kill the weakest individuals. Indigenous Australian Elders oppose the commercial killing of native animals. The fact that Indigenous Australians hunted kangaroos is no excuse because the present human population of Australia is about 100 times what it was before the white colonization of Australia. There is only one species with a population problem and that can be reduced by cutting family allowances and one-off baby payments, especially to those with more than 2 children. I lived in Australia from 1970 to 1992 and never saw a kangaroo in the wild. Since I do not wish to be part of a country that is the result of genocide against indigenous peoples, and in which the large-scale killing of native animals and destruction of forests and the environment continues to take place, I returned to my country of origin and encourage others to do the same.

it has got to stop it breaks my heart to see what is happening to our beautiful kangaroo. put an end to the cruelty in n.s.w.

I am against this terrible cruelty to our National Emblem the gentle Kangaroo they are our precious Wildlife tourists come to see. Not a money making commodity for meat. You are disgusting for not protecting them.

Stop this animal cruelty

cruelty is unnecessary

It’s cruel, clumsy, destroys our unique wildlife. We’re damaging our international standing

We need to be protecting and preserving our wildlife. This barbaric inhumane practice must stop.

Those kangaroos deserve to live. Humans have encroached on too much of their habitat..they are then forced to try and look for food..elsewhere..We cannot continue to slaughter everything for pure greed. developers have to take creatures into account and stop taking their habitats away.

Governments never surprise me with their absolute contempt for Australian wildlife and the environment. To get votes and to keep people working they believe we need to kill a species off that has long been on this land, so farmers can continue to degrade their own desertified land with unhappy animals so they can make a buck. There has to be a point where humans don’t come first.



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