Stop Cruelty to Kangaroos in NSW- Campaign Update- Call Micheal Daley’s Office

Today we continued our campaign to get this important issue onto the politician’s agenda. With over 8000 signatures in just 2 weeks, we know that people care and want urgent action!

The Petition

So we gave the ‘decision makers’ an update on the petition and asked them to consider kangaroo welfare during their NSW election campaigns.

We sent a similar letter to The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, Premier Gladys Berejiklian, The Hon. Penny Sharpe, MLC and all of the NSW Greens candidates.

We have already had a pledge of support from Greens Candidate for Drummoyne (state) and Reid (federal), Charles Jago and have sent him a letter of thanks. If you would like to do the same his email address is:

See the letter we sent here: AWPC’s Letter to NSW Shadow Minister Micheal Daley Kangaroo Cull

Mr. Daley’s office sent this autoreply, ‘For urgent enquiries or for matters related to Mr Daley’s role as Leader of the Opposition, please contact the Opposition Office on 02 9230 2310.’
Please call his office on Monday to alert him to your support of our letter.

Thanks for caring about Australian wildlife!

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