Media Release Self-culling dingo proposal morally and environmentally bankrupt


  National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program (Inc. A0051763G ) Date: Thursday June 30, 2016 Secretary of the National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program Inc. (NDPRP Inc.), Dr Ernest Healy, today slammed the idea of releasing dingoes with pre-timed poison devices implanted inside them as morally and environmentally bankrupt. This week, it has been reported that dingoes have been released

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Australia to Kill Goats Using Self-Destructing Dingoes


Marc Bekoff Ph.D. Animal Emotions Australia to Kill Goats Using Self-Destructing Dingoes New Zealand plan is to exterminate all introduced predators and other animals July 25, 2016 New Zealand’s comprehensive plans to kill millions of animals challenges conservation psychology and anthrozoology. How do we react to New Zealand’s plans to kill millions & millions of animals using the most egregious,

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Where’s the environmental extremists now that Belconnen is being “developed” for housing?


Despite the massive “cull” of kangaroos, 2008, there’s new housing “developments” planned for Belconnen. Sections of the site are listed for its natural heritage as habitat for the endangered Golden Sun Moth. The site also contains the only known location of the threatened Ginninderra Peppercress, a small perennial herb.   514 healthy kangaroos including pouched joeys and at-foot joeys were killed

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West Wimmera- “growing” kangaroo numbers a threat to “public safety”


Dear Councillors, I am concerned about the report that West Wimmera Shire councillors believe an increased kangaroo population is becoming a public safety issue.  Councillors are floating the idea of a culling program. Surely kangaroos are in danger of traffic?  With increasing numbers of people and trucks on our roads, it’s horrendous to travel on our country roads and see

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The Bramble Cay melomys- our newest mammal extinction


The Bramble Cay melomys was first discovered by Europeans when, in April 1845, Lieutenant Yule, Commander of the HMS Bramble, and his crew encountered the cay supporting this rodent population (Limpuset al.1983, Ellison 1998). The species was then apparently in high densities and seamen from aboard this vessel sought recreation by shooting the “large rats” with bows and arrows.  (image:

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