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Wildlife carers quitting after 30 years due to DELWP’s hostility towards kangaroos

Kangaroos nursed back to health after a planned fire escalated out of control now face a cull on the orders of the same department that ordered the burn. The very same department, DELWP, responsible for the care of wildlife, actually turned tail and permitted a “cull” of kangaroos, despite being tirelessly and lovingly nursed back to health by wildlife carers!

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How “controlled” are controlled burns?

A Lancefield fire spread from a “controlled burn” that breached containment lines. The circumstances of one of the most destructive fires has prompted the Victorian state government to look for fresh answers in how to prevent future outbreaks. The Lancefield “controlled burn” turned into a bushfire which has destroyed five homes, 19 sheds, burnt almost 3000 hectares and generated fury

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