AWPC AGM 2020 Minutes

5.00pm Thursday 21 January 2021

Returning Officer: Bill Taylor
Minutes: Carmen Ryan
Chair: Maria Taylor

1. Apologies

Sue Van Homrigh, Elizabeth Glasso.

2. Welcome by the Chair

Attendees: Peter Hylands, Andrea Hylands, Jan Heald, Chris Lehmann, Cienwen Hickey, Tamsin Ramsay, Charlie Vincent, Bill Taylor, Maria Taylor, Carmen Ryan, Greg Keightley who joined the meeting at approximately 6.30pm.

3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous AGM (2019)

A motion was put to the meeting that the Minutes of the 2019 AWPC AGM be accepted.

Moved by Peter Hylands.
Seconded by Jan Heald.

4. Adoption of the 2020 Annual and Treasurer Reports and Financial Statement

Annual Report: Maria Taylor presented a summary of the key highlights of the report. 2020 has laid the groundwork for a strong focus on obtaining and distributing educational material and information and working with digital communications. The report also detailed AWPC’s aim to develop a business/strategic plan this year. AWPC applied to be part of the UTS Business School Board Volunteer mentor program which will give AWPC committee a fund-raising project-based direction and assist.

meme-awpc-promoCommunication work including revitalising and supplying content to the website and other digital communications were a key focus for 2020, partly due to necessity with COVID and partly to move the organisation to contemporary, widely used communication platforms. For example, the website has taken the role previously played by a print newsletter.

Expanding social media outreach was an important aspect carried out with the help of some young volunteers. Testing effectiveness, kangaroo ‘memes’ were constructed by Maria and Sue and placed on social media as awareness-raising tools and worked well as a pilot social media project.

President Peter Hyland’s information and outreach work has been extensive with personal approaches. The committee also welcomed the commitment from committee member Chris Lehmann to take on the role of Kangaroo Campaign Coordinator.

A volunteer will be undertaking the organisation of AWPC’s archive, and ideas for permanent storage are being explored.

A copy of the Annual Report will be available on the website:

Discussion arising from the Annual Report:

The meeting agreed to Cienwen Hickey’s proposal that summaries of meeting minutes are posted on the website and offered to the membership.

Treasurers Report and Financial Statement

Treasurer Maria Taylor acknowledged AWPC’s generous donors from overseas, Sime Validzic in Croatia and Dror Ben-Ami in Israel as well as thanking domestic donors and all committee members and assistants who donated their time and professional expertise.

There were minimal outgoings and these included items such as the purchase of an office computer and the restyling of the website.

Motion was put and agreed that the 2020 Annual Report and Financial Statement be accepted.

  • Moved by Chris Lehmann.
  • Seconded by Peter Hylands.
  • Carried unanimously.

A copy of the 2020 Treasurer’s Report is available on request.

5. Confirm or vary the amounts of the annual membership fee

Moved that the membership fees do not change in 2021.

  • Moved by Maria Taylor.
  • Seconded by Chris Lehmann.
  • Carried unanimously.

6. Rules of the Association

(a) Item from 2019 AGM: changes to the Rules of the Association to be considered and voted upon at the 2020/2021 AGMs (Summary attached).

Proxy voting and use of technology to attend meetings — in-principal decision agreed to by 2019 AGM meeting.

    • Moved to accept by Maria Taylor.
    • Seconded by Peter Hylands.
    • Carried unanimously.

 (b) The rules about accepting membership, 9, 10, 11: Rules of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council (Victoria) Incorporated that focus on written application processes that are outdated, to be further considered and a protocol developed for a decision before the 2021 AGM.

Other proposals:

(c)  Recommendation for a vice president’s position.

    • Motion proposed by Jan Heald.
    • Seconded by Cienwen Hickey. 
    • Discussion later.

(d)  Ordinary meetings to remain as four (4) per annum.

    • Motion proposed by Peter Hylands.
    • Seconded by Jan Heald.
    • Carried unanimously.

(e)  Dialogue will continue about having face-to-face meetings.

Other matters discussed:

  • Mail-out of Minutes [and other communications e.g. re membership renewals] to members.
  • Maria asked the meeting if Mailchimp alerts were being received by members? Strong evidence from meeting that the reminders about membership renewal were getting through.
  • Checking of email addresses of members. Peter Hylands.
  • Exploring improved communications to members. Maria Taylor.
  • Publication via website of Peter’s and Chris’s reports and the ACT report. Carmen Ryan.
  • Offer of support from Charlie Vincent to assist with resolving any mail-out issues and to advise on social media resources in 2021.

7. President’s report

Peter Hylands thanked the meeting, stating that it was great working with everyone. He raised several general issues regarding treatment of Australian wildlife in 2020 from his report and commented on the limited capacities of a small organisation like the AWPC.

Key items for concern:

  • Exclusion fencing installation that is expanding in VIC, NSW and Qld which is being paid for by the federal and state governments — something needs to be done.
  • Mammals and birdlife at the frontline — duck shooting, 90% of the birds are gone and this is happening on Ramsar sites.
  • Killing of large numbers of kangaroos on Victoria’s public lands.
  • Abuse of human rights — destroying peoples’ lives to benefit neighbouring shooting of wildlife, particularly kangaroos. Peter and his partner are gathering testimonials.
  • Education is a big issue, and we need to get onto this because much of the information put out by government is completely dishonest.

From his interview work with the media, Peter reported that a lot has been done in the   last few weeks — both regionally in Victoria and overseas, for example London radio. No traction with the ABC.


Centered on the plight of regional/neighboring landholders and how members can assist with stories and testimonials to the AWPC of what it is like living next to a wildlife shooting arena.

8. All current committee of management positions declared vacant and election of new members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and ordinary committee members

All positions were declared vacant by the Returning Officer Bill Taylor and nominees were re-elected unopposed:

  • President: Peter Hylands.
  • Treasurer Maria Taylor.
  • Secretary Carmen Ryan.

Other positions:

  • Ordinary Committee Member: Cienwen Hickey.
  • A motion for a Vice President position for 2021 was moved by Peter Hylands who nominated Chris Lehmann for the role. This was agreed to unopposed.

  Vice President: Chris Lehmann.

Meeting closed: 6.00pm.



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