Baird government ‘declares open season’ on native animals Contacts – Please write and oppose this proposed law

A licence to kill native animals has been labelled “red tape” by the Baird government and will be abolished, prompting warnings the move will declare “open season” on kangaroos, emus, wombats and cockatoos. He may have been celebrated for ending the cruelty of greyhound racing, but there’s no such consideration for native animals – they are just “red tape” to be eliminated!
The Office of Environment and Heritage  issued permits for 34 species, or a total of 145,550 animals and birds to be killed in 2015-16. This included more than 100,000 eastern grey kangaroos, almost 9000 corellas, 6500 sulphur crested cockatoos, 5500 galahs, 655 emus, 175 swamp wallabies, 113 wombats and 83 magpies.  Apparently these iconic native animals aren’t part of our “environment” or even “heritage” now?
(corella and galahs under the firing line)

The Baird government prepares to introduce a controversial Biodiversity Conservation Act to NSW Parliament this month.  Another blatant oxymoron, when this carnage will be a direct assault on any Biodiversity or Conservation!

“Those who seek to kill native wildlife will be able to do so with no oversight and little consequence.

“The approach suggested by the Baird government beggars belief; not only do they remove protections for killing native animals, they will also stop keeping records of how many are killed.”

The Royal Zoological Society of NSW has warned that removing the s121 licence would lead to the neglect of 75 per cent of the protected fauna in NSW!  The zoological types added that doing so would “abandon global-standard wildlife management practices” in NSW.


Scrapping the Native Vegetation Act and Threatened Species Conservation Act will not help nature in NSW.

It will be replaced by a so-called Orwellian-named Biodiversity Conservation Act that will apply many of the current tree destruction tools in the government’s armoury to the city and the country. The Native Vegetation Act, which has saved hundreds of thousands of hectares from the bulldozer and chainsaw, had scientifically based rules about what should be protected (red lights) or offset with integrity. But no more under this new legislation – you can buy your way out.  The aim is to simply further the short-term financial interests of big agribusiness and property developers at the expense of wildlife and communities. 

PETITION: Stop the Baird government declaring “open season” on our Native Animals.

Please contact the people below to vehemently oppose this proposed law. Your letter does not need to be long, just an outright opposal to this lunacy.

Things to consider. We are looking at mass killings across NSW. This will lead to locaslised extinction of some animals. For wildlife rehabilitators – what will be the point of what we do if the animals can easily be killed on release? Also, our rehabilitation licensing will most likely become null and void as our license sits under the same licence to “harm native animals”.

Mike Baird
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  • What Mike Baird is doing is disgusting.
    I look forward to him being removed from office and this “Open Season” stopped

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