DELWP’s Attack on Wildlife in Victoria

Living with Wildlife Action Plan (a DELWP document)


The main gist of the document and what we have known for years, as per DELWP’s information about wildlife on their website, is that they want to paint wildlife as dangerous pests, that cause humans grief and they need to be controlled because they are in overabundant numbers.
What the public doesn’t realise is that that whilst wildlife volunteers, conservationists, ‘greenies’ and wildlife activists don’t have a vested interest in the important work that we do, the government does $$$. Notice that even the link for this pdf is called ‘assets’. They are protecting their ‘asset’ that is wildlife and not ‘protecting’ them as native indigenous animals that have been here for millions of years.
By protecting wildlife we are protecting the environment and ecosystems that us humans rely on for oxygen and clean water. We protect wildlife, we protect all the grandchildren already on this planet.
This current attack is an illustration of a blatant denial of the importance of the environment and Australia’s responsibility as a member of a shared planet.

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