Demand Australia Remains a Democracy. Allow Environmental Groups to Challenge Developments!

BY: Georgina B.
TARGET: Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt

The Australian Government wants to restrict the rights of ‘green groups’, or conservationists, to challenge mining and other developments, according to a report in The Guardian.

George_Brandis_Attorney-General (image: Attorney General George Brandis)

Attorney General Brandis said the government would seek to repeal section 487 (2) of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act and “return to the common law”. The government says “vigilante” green groups have been “sabotaging” development, jobs and growth.

The decision to place restrictions comes after the federal court overturned approval for the controversial Carmichael mine in Queensland.

As a result, the government is seeking to remove the ability of most environmental organisations to challenge developments under federal laws unless they can show they are, “directly affected” by the development. Actually, we and future generations will be “directly affected” if our environment, natural resources, and integrity of our environment is compromised! We already have one of the highest species extinction rates of the world!

This is undemocratic! Government should not interfere in the legal system. Will you join us, and AWPC, in demanding the federal government does not move to legislate against environmental groups?

We need an Environment Minister who is FOR, not AGAINST, the Environment!

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  • This watering down of the environmental protection laws seriously excacerbates the rapid and total destruction of the little that is left of our environment. We have already done far too much damage!

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