Demonizing Dingoes on Fraser Island is criminal – Hans Brunner

Fraser Island provides the last opportunity to secure the protection of pure- bread Dingoes. It is therefore our obligation to look after them as we look after elephants, tigers, lions, rhinos,monkeys etc. While we spend millions of dollars on these exotic species we not only neglect our on iconic dingoes, we actually demonize them and especially so on Fraser Island.

a very skinny dingo-tiny

(image: very skinny dingo Jennifer Parkhurst photographer)

These dingoes need to be looked after and as well fed as all the exotic animals in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries are.

Well fed dingoes will not need to beg for food from tourists and will leave them alone. All the so called trouble by dingoes is only caused because of their plight of mal- nutrition and the constant persecution by public staff.

Therefore, the protection of the Fraser Island dingoes must be the ultimate top priority, long before any other activities, while tourism should be the absolute, bottom last. If there is any better controlling needed on the island it must be the tourists and definitely not the dingo.

((aia skinny dingo looking for food from fisherman

(image: Fraser Island hungry dingo looking for food from a fisherman- Jennifer Parkhurst photographer)

(featured image: dingo searching for food on Fraser Island- Jennifer Parkhurst photographer)

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