Dingo hater illegally and callously poisoned 6 on Fraser Island

To State National Parks Minister, Steven Miles


How many QPWS rangers have been prosecuted for shooting Fraser Is. dingoes? Especially in 2001. Does starving Fraser Is. dingoes to death, count as killing them?

I see that dingoes can be fed bait, s. 40 Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002.

What if I want to entice a dingo out into the open to take a photo, and give him a feed. I.E. bait him. What is the definition for ‘bait’?

Colin Candy, Childers Q 4660


(image: http://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/topic/colin-candy/)

Six dead dingoes found on Fraser Island showed signs consistent with poisoning before their deaths, preliminary test results show.

The dingoes’ carcases, including one that was buried in a shallow grave, have been recovered from around the island’s Orchid Beach area since Friday and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has launched an investigation into the matter.

The weapon used, it is understood, was sodium monofluoroacetate (1080).

According to animal liberationists the use of this chemical causes a protracted and agonising death but authorities say it is a target-specific poison and its use has become widespread. It is registered in Queensland for the control of wild dogs, feral pigs, rabbits and foxes.

Save Fraser Island Dingoes spokesman Ray Revill said the six dingoes could be related.

“There’s a strong possibility it’s a family of dingoes from the Eurong area – one of them was tagged,” he said. “I don’t know what their mentality – it’s probably a strong hatred of dingoes. There are people around who do have a strong hatred,” he said.

“Each and every one of these dingoes presented with the same pathology that was consistent with poisoning, each one had human-sourced food in its stomach and each one was a young, healthy dog with no other signs of serious injury,” Dr Miles said.

Queensland National Parks Minister Steven Miles said
“The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service will pursue all avenues in this investigation to establish just what has happened and who is behind these killings.

“Any individuals found to be involved can expect to be pursued to the maximum extent possible under the law.”

Dr Miles said anyone with information should contact police on (07) 4127 9150 or email dingo.ranger@npsr.qld.gov.au.

The maximum penalty for killing dingoes on a protected area is $353,400 or two years’ in jail but in this case other penalties could potentially apply.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services regularly kill dingos that behave “aggressively”. The latest incident involved a 19-year-old tourist being bitten on the thigh at the beach at Eurong Township on August 16 last year.  The month before, a woman was bitten on both legs by the same dingo while taking photos on the beach.  The 2013 Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy Review details that there were up to 100 dingo attacks recorded between 2002 and 2012.

Considering that Fraser Island is the last stronghold of pure Dingoes, it seems that QPWS is more interested in human whims rather than understanding dingo behaviours, and being able to maximise tourism.  More should be done to protect, feed, promote and separate the animal/human contacts.


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  • This is a disgusting act and I am glad people are outraged. But where is the outrage for the thousands of mainland Dingoes that are poisoned with 1080 or strychnine, trapped with toothed jawed traps (all prescribed inhumane toxins and devices) or shot with crossbows for sport? Where is your concern and condemnation for those deaths??

    It’s quite legal to do all of the above things to Dingoes on the mainland, even if they are 100% Pure, (and yes there are pure dingoes on the mainland to all who may think otherwise) This persecution is even funded by the governments in every State and Territory. They even pay bounties for the scalped ears and tails. There are exemptions from cruelty prosecution when using these cruel and inhumane methods.

    Yes, this is a low gutless act of a psychopath, the Dingoes on Fraser Island are unique and protected. But the same thing happens every day in outback Australia and no one bats an eyelid in concern..

    The apathy from the general public about the continued and systematic slaughter of mainland Dingoes every day is as disgusting as this vile act on Fraser Island..

  • Of all the species that are and have been on this planet,humans are the cruelest and most destructive of them all.We are destroying our home and it’s environment,a
    re we really as intelligent as what we think we are?It makes you wonder how we will be thought of by the generations to come,shame and disgust for our many evil deeds I would think.Unless history is altered to suit as it has been in the past.

  • Heather Warner

    How dare someone poison these creatures, especially on an Island where they are ‘so called’ protected! Wld State Goct needs to tighten the 1080 laws that Campbell Newman cut. It needs to made harder for people to get their hand on 1080. It is very scary someone using 1080 at all, let alone for illegal use, and travelling with it!? So what happens if this person full of hatred decides that someone is pissing him off? Does the person then use the poison on the person. 1080 is odourless, tasteless.
    This govt. should not sweep these callous killing under the carpet, they must catch this person or persons, fine them and put them in jail.

  • Britta Hennig

    Please stop the poisoning with 1080 as everything is dying including our Ecosystem for a Starters ! If you don’t stop people to kill our Dingoes the first milestone will be done for the Loss of Humanity,Understanding Nature and our Ecosystem. There soon will be nothing left to give to our children !!!
    Please stop them!!!
    Britta Hennig

  • Hans Brunner
    White man is an exotic addition to this country and now is hell bent to destroy Australia’s iconic wildlife in order to boost the economy. Behind all of this slaughter is always the hidden agender of money. Shame on so many of us!

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