Dugongs and Sea Turtles are still being slaughtered in Australia under Native Title

author: Colin Riddell

Many people don’t realize it, but The Native Title Act of 1993 section 211 still allows the hunting of endangered and vulnerable species within our country.

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Dugongs, turtles and over fifty other Australian animals are hunted and inhumanely slaughtered in large numbers, under the guise of traditional hunting practices.

This outdated act does not reflect the endangered status of these animals and we demand they be protected. No one is starving in Australia, one of the most affluent countries on the planet – and there is no need to hunt these animals for food.

The killing has to stop. Dugongs and turtles are endangered, and we are witnessing a rapid and unwarranted decline. We can no longer stand by and watch, witness to the impending extinction of this precious marine life.

We therefore call for an urgent change to the Native Title Act 1993, so that any endangered or vulnerable animal or marine life is excluded from hunting by any means, for any reason.

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