Emergency Wildlife Bush Fire Relief- Surf Coast Animal Rescue Services

Surf Coast Animal Rescue Services is urgently raising funds (generously auspiced by Winged Horse Equine Inc) to attend to the needs of wildlife affected by the Christmas Day Lorne/Wye River bushfires in Victoria, Australia, which has hit hardest in one of the most densely populated wildlife areas in the Otway Ranges, also home to one of few Victorian koala populations.


Millions of native animals have perished, with many thousands more injured and needing immediate attention. The worst of the fires are now contained, but emergency services have warned these fires could last for weeks and flare up again over what is forecast to be a hot, dry summer with record breaking temperatures.

As the centre of the bushfire zone is opened up in coming days, hundreds of native animals will require rescuing and we anticipate that the rescue efforts will continue for weeks, perhaps months. We are seeking assistance for the purchase of medical equipment, fire-suitable rescue gear, transportation costs, professional veterinary costs, species-specific burn creams and bandages. These items are required urgently and all donations, no matter the size, are most welcome. We are also hoping to provide wildlife rescue kits to all our active volunteers so that no animal is left without the immediate care they require.

We are a volunteer organisation with volunteers who have been rescuing wildlife in the Surf Coast region for 25 years.

By supporting us, you help us to:

– provide immediate veterinary care to injured wildlife

– transport wildlife out of the fire zones

– provide ongoing rehabilitation of wildlife until they are ready to be returned to the wild

– place orphaned wildlife in long-term foster care

– supply wildlife rescuers with efficient wildlife rescue kits

– supply wildlife carers with ongoing medical supplies

– provide public awareness and educational programs specific to the rescue of wildlife in the region.

Donate generously and thank you for your support


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  • kate candlish

    Hi, i’d like to donate material goods for the animals affected by the ocean rd. fires. Can you let me know what you need? ie. bandages, towels, sheets, food etc? i can drop them off this weekend. I’m in Melbourne but happy to come down to Torquay. Cheers

    • Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary – Material goods can dropped off or mailed to Taits Rd, Barwon Heads, VIC 3227. More information at http://www.facebook.com/Jirrahlinga

      • Surf Coast Animal Rescue Services – Bandages for injured wildlife can be dropped off at 38 Glaneuse Avenue, Torquay or mailed to PO Box 411, Torquay, VIC 3228. Crafters are also encouraged to sew sacks for injured joeys.

      • Surf Coast Wildlife Shelters Group – Funds can be donated online at the GoFundMe page. https://www.gofundme.com/scwsg

      • Wildlife Victoria Emergency Response Service – phone 1300 945 535

  • colleen Shields

    Myself and a couple of others have been sewing koala mittens, are you still in need of these? I can post them to Torquay if still needed.

  • colleen Shields

    we will continue throughout the year to make these and pass them around to shelters in advance of the next fire season also.

  • I. Am a 12 year old girl with a passion to help wild life, volunteer with any wild life organisation and happy to do anything required of me in this area. I live in Melbourne but go to the Surf Coast most week ends. Does anyone know if the Surfcoast has a volunteer space for an enthusiastic 12 year old

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