Encourage respect, sharing the land and kindness for all our indigenous animals

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What you can do:

  • Don’t eat kangaroo meat, don’t feed pets or other animals kangaroo meat;
  • Check whether ‘k’ leather covers your favoured soccer, sports or other shoes;
  • Educate your local MP and media about this country’s world-leading wildlife slaughter; and
  • Pledge to never buy kangaroo products**.
> View list of companies that use kangaroo products.


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THANK YOU for ensuring the fight for our kangaroos and other wildlife continues and grows louder. Please help with a donation to our Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) today. Specify a particular campaign or state-based group if you want to direct your support there.

Animals-Austrlia-for-a-kinder-world** ANIMALS AUSTRALIA, is partnering with AWPC to unmask Australia’s hidden business of the world’s greatest on-land wildlife slaughter. They have a program going to add your voice by pledging to avoid kangaroo products.

Find it here: https://animalsaustralia.org/latest-news/protect-kangaroos-and-joeys/

See also https://www.facebook.com/AnimalsAustralia/



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