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Help CLOSE Koala Park Sanctuary in Sydney, Australia

One of Australia’s oldest animal parks, Koala Park Sanctuary in the north-western Sydney suburb of west Pennant Hills, has pleaded guilty to three charges of ill treatment of their animals.

This is on top of receiving numerous other defects over the years from Department of Primary Industries which placed defect notices to the park for ageing and dirty animal exhibits, drainage problems and out of date records.

Koala Park Sanctuary was founded in 1920’s and opened to the public in October 1930, by Noel Burnet. The idea behind the Koala Park Sanctuary, was to protect the koalas which were killed for their fur and could have become extinct in future.


(image:Female kangaroo with a joey, at Koala Park Sanctuary at better times: 11 Oct, 1970)

One of Australia’s oldest parks, the Koala Park Sanctuary looks as if it has been forgotten over time.

It’s become Australia’s saddest zoo: The koala ‘sanctuary’ has just three miserable koalas, emaciated kangaroos and one lonely penguin who is refusing to eat.  The park houses emaciated kangaroos, lethargic dingoes, lonely penguins,  and only three koalas.  Scrawny emaciated kangaroos, agitated koalas desperate to get out of their pens, lethargic dingoes with a stagnant drinking trough and one lonely fairy penguin which has stopped eating.

 RSPCA NSW confirmed that the Koala Sanctuary had pleaded guilty to three charges of ill treatment of its chlamydia-ridden koalas and would be sentenced in February. It is facing fines of up to $190,000 from the RSPCA amid claims its koalas are riddled with a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease.


(image: A koala with ulcers due to chlamydia.)

The park has pleaded not guilty to seven counts of failing to provide veterinary treatment to the koalas ­between February 25 and March 25 this year. Each count carries a maximum penalty of $27,000.

 A sanctuary is by definition a place of safety, and protection, for native animals.  This one has become one where animals are neglected, and thus need protection from it!

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IFAW- Action Alert for Victoria’s koalas

You were probably deeply saddened at the news recently that nearly 700 koalas had been euthanased in Cape Otway, by the previous Victorian government.

Ask the new Victorian government to improve its approach to protecting koalas!

The tragic end for these koalas could have been avoided by better management. The high number of koalas in Cape Otway is a direct result of a long series of well-intentioned but ultimately misguided earlier translocations from small islands.

Sadly, this is just one example of how we’re letting down our national icon.

Another koala catastrophe is unfolding in the south west of the state. If not addressed now, it could result in a far worse situation on a much larger scale. Many thousands of koalas inhabit timber plantations there and many are killed or suffer horrific injuries in logging operations.

When the plantations are harvested, these koalas are then left hungry and homeless with nowhere to go.

We need a new approach to koalas in Victoria and across the nation. It’s not just about ensuring that each plantation is logged carefully to protect wildlife.

We desperately need to build a system of secure koala habitats and connectivity between habitats, so that animals can move between areas as logging happens so that they don’t end up marooned.

The new Victorian government is promising a new more transparent approach and a special koala management plan.

Let’s hold them to that promise. We need urgent action to help our national icon.

Thank you so much for your support.

Best wishes,

Isabel McCrea
Director, IFAW Oceania

Take Action Now

(featured image: “Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala resting in tree fork)”.jpg Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons)

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Inferno for our native forests as “renewable energy”

This is disgusting when one thinks about all the native animals that will suffer, and be torched to death.

Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt have just introduced changes to the Renewable Energy Target into Parliament that would allow the burning of our native forests to count towards the RET.

Labor allowed Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt to introduce a bill into Parliament that would see the burning of our native forests count towards the Renewable Energy Target. This is a disgrace, but if we act now, together we can stop this.

Click here to sign our petition calling on the old parties to not do a deal on burning our native forests.

Tony Abbott wants to do a deal with Bill Shorten that would undermine genuine renewable energy projects that reduce pollution, build a “clean economy” and “create sustainable jobs”. It’s full of political-correctness and pseudo-environmental slogans, but it’s about burning our forests, and all the biodiversity functions.

The Labor/Liberal deal on the Renewable Energy Target is already abysmally low, with Labor agreeing to a 20% cut to the target, and now they’re on the verge of undermining the RET further by allowing the law to count the burning of our native forests as ‘renewable energy’.

Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt will try and push through these changes through Parliament as quickly as possible to sweep this disgraceful deal under the rug. But we can’t let them get away with this. Add your voice before it’s too late.

The RET should be driving investment in renewable energy, growing the clean economy and creating sustainable jobs, not cutting down and burning up our native forests. Tell Tony and Bill that the burning of native forests for energy is a backward idea — it is destructive, creates pollution and is ultimately unsustainable.

Click here to sign our petition calling on political parties to not do a deal on burning our native forests.

The Wilderness Society petition: Don’t burn our native forests

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kangaroo fur in their new loafers line is not chic!

Gucci just launched their new loafers line with real kangaroo fur – endorsing the cruel treatment of iconic and highly social kangaroos.


The annual kangaroo hunt is opposed by many in Australia and around the world. It is the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world. Shooting mother kangaroos and then ripping joeys out of their pouches to be clubbed or beheaded is proof of the cull’s cruelty. Additionally, if the goal is simply population control, humane alternatives exist to keep kangaroo populations in check.

Gucci’s fur-lined loafers first took centre stage in July when they made their debut appearance in the fashion brand’s menswear runway show. Soon after, Gucci launched the female equivalent as part of their 2015 Fall/Winter new season look.

Quartz reports that the fur lining on those Gucci slippers, clogs, and heels comes from wild kangaroos in Australia, and Gucci asserts that this is environmentally friendly.

Surely they are not suggesting that kangaroos are environmentally un-friendly?

Please urge Gucci to seek faux alternatives, stop using real fur and be leader in a humane chic line.

We are not our prehistoric ancestors. In this age of the 21st century, technology is so amazing that you can imitate/manufacture anything. There is really no need to exploit animals for their fur or hide.

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Let companion birds fly – Petition


Birds are born to fly and forage freely!!

But birds can’t fly in Australia.

Australian companion birds continue to be subjected to a miserable life!

You don’t need to look far to see bird abuse and neglect and horrible bird exploitation.

There are thousands and thousands of birds bred to be sold….as a hobby!! Birds are highly intelligent but instead sold for fun and extra cash!

Bird breeders and sellers are having a ball selling and trading birds anywhere because they can!

Because no one is stopping them! And there are NO BIRD LAWS IN AUSTRALIA!


(image: **The photo above is a lonely stressed cockatiel parrot for sale in Melbourne, living in a small filthy cage on the ground, advertised in a gumtree ad. The water container is full of faeces.)

Codes of Practice are NOT mandatory so bird keepers do whatever they want.

“The bird breeders and bird sellers have taken advantage of the fact that no authority is monitoring or enforcing laws to protect how birds are handled and cared for”.

I have seen for myself at private bird breeder properties, pet shops, bird cage makers displaying birds and markets around Australia- TRAGEDY.

The constant breeding and captivity results in huge psychological and physiological trauma to birds. Most people, including breeders, have no idea how to care for and accommodate companion birds.

They don’t care that their birds are expected to breed, breed and breed. They don’t even consider the emotional and physiological implications on the bird when the bird is expected to separate from the bird family or bird partner- just to be sold….as a hobby.

“I could easily rescue thousands of birds every day”.
There is an oversupply and most of these poor birds are sold or traded to inexperienced bird carers who perceive them as a ‘pretty object.’ Most other birds are stolen as eggs from their mothers and incubated in bedrooms throughout Australia.

It is unimaginable that Australian birds can exist in such a condition and bird breeders and sellers are proud of showing photos of the neglected birds for all the world to see!

I am calling for all Australian state governments and RSPCA to:

• Ban the sale of companion birds at markets, expos and sales, pet shops, online and backyard selling.
• Introduce companion bird welfare laws as the current codes of practice are totally ignored and not mandatory.
• Ban bird breeding and promote bird adoption to save thousands of neglected and rejected homeless birds.

About Paris Yves
Paris Yves has cared for birds all her life. She is  a professional Bird Behaviourist and Bird Counsellor and regularly liaises with world-renowned animal behaviourists to ensure she is on top of bird behaviour research and findings. An experienced media commentator, Yves has become the voice of welfare and legal rights for companion birds in Australia.

Media Contact:
Paris Yves
Mobile: 0413 530 419
Images of abused/neglected birds can be viewed at


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Pacific Highway to bulldoze through koala habitat, thanks to new “Environment” Minister Josh Frydenberg

A nationally significant koala population could be wiped out within a couple of decades after the federal government approved an upgrade of the Pacific Highway that bisects a key colony, environment groups say. Josh Frydenberg​, the new “Environment” and Energy Minister, approved the four-lane expressway’s new route near Ballina on the NSW North Coast on July 19.

Despite taking the reins of the environment portfolio only hours earlier, the Minister saw fit to approve the Ballina Koala Plan, effectively signing the death notice of Ballina’s 200 koalas.

IFAW is dumbfounded as to how the newly appointed Minister could have had time to adequately consider and take into account 10 years’ worth of science, concerns and submissions presented by scientists, koala ecologists, international conservation experts, the Ballina Shire Council, and the local community.


The Woolgoolga to Ballina project will upgrade about 155 kilometres of highway. The project starts approximately six kilometres north of Woolgoolga (north of Coffs Harbour) and ends approximately six kilometres south of Ballina. Advice from the Federal Government that the Ballina Koala Plan and Koala Management Plan have been approved, enabling the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade between Broadwater and Coolgardie to proceed.

LEADING Australian koala expert and ecologist Steve Phillips has spoken out about the impact on koala habitat from construction of the Pacific Hwy.  Mr Phillips said RMS had underestimated the numbers of koalas that will be displaced by the road construction process. He claimed RMS was failing to acknowledge more than 50 per cent of food trees currently being used by resident koala populations along the route.


(image: Three consortia have been shortlisted to tender for the contract to deliver the final 155 km of the Pacific Highway upgrade between Woolgoolga and Ballina.

The RMS have chosen the longest and most destructive route option and clearly will say anything to get their own way. There is no u turn on extinction, why not just widen the existing highway and avoid the koalas altogether? Too logical to comprehend?



In 2014 Minister Hunt demanded that a whole lot more work be done to justify the route and mitigation measures. He required RMS “to undertake, and have peer reviewed, population viability modelling for the Ballina koalas considering the impacts of the proposed route (and other routes or additional mitigation measures as appropriate).” His Statement of Reasons makes it clear that he invited the fullest range of considerations to be presented. But despite the avalanche of scientific evidence that the koala population will not survive, the obvious solution of moving the route, either in part or totally has been ignored by RMS.

Dr Phillips said the koalas should be translocated, but that would not be allowed. “Translocation means that we would pick up the animals that are being affected quite carefully, and we would resite them and re-home them very carefully,” he said.

Federal “Environment” Minister Josh Frydenberg has issued a statement about the issue, saying the highway upgrade would have a positive outcome for the Ballina koala population. It said 140 hectares of revegetation would create new habitat, and linkages with existing habitat would be improved. Dr Phillips said it was not more habitat the koalas needed but more of the trees they currently feed upon because they are susceptible to stress.

“You can’t have a declining population and then expect to plant a whole bunch of trees and for a bunch of animals to miraculously appear out of nowhere and colonise it; it just doesn’t make sense,”
he said.  Clearly this “environment” minister knows nothing of koalas!

“In the report I sent to the Federal Government, I gave them one example of a re-tweaking of the alignment in the existing area which would avoid those two population cells and very demonstrably result in a zero impact on the population,” Dr Phillips said.  “But what we’re looking at is an alignment that has not moved one centimetre.

JoshFreyenberg(image: Josh Frydenberg- a slave to big consortium road-builders and malignant freeway “growth’)

With bulldozers about to move in, residents are using the images of their native neighbours to convince the state and federal governments to move the route of the proposed highway around 700m in two sections. Koala experts and locals say the upgrade of “section 10” of the notorious highway near Wardell will sound the death knell for three local koala populations with the road ploughing through the middle of known habitat.

With the local koala populations already in decline, ploughing a highway through the middle of known koala habit would fast-track the population’s rate of extinction, Dr Phillips said. Koalas are extremely territorial and quite often die from the stress of being translocated. “You can’t mitigate against extinction,” said Josey Sharrad​, campaign manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, noting research by ecologist Steve Phillips found the colony may last only 20-25 years once the road is built.

It is totally unacceptable to destroy koala habitat in this day and age.  The state’s koala population is already listed as Vulnerable and is steadily declining at an unsustainable rate. If Australia wants to retain the $3+ billion annually in koala tourism we have to invest a bit more in keeping wild koala populations safe and healthy.



IFAW Petition: Australia’s Ministers fail Ballina’s koalas.



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