In the news: April 2020

‘Massive’ funding boost needed to stop animal extinctions

A “massive” funding boost is needed to address the threat of extinction for more than 100 plants and animals that had habitat wiped out in the catastrophic summer bushfires, scientists and conservation groups say.

By Mike Foley, The Sydney Morning Herald. 17 April 2020

Coronavirus cripples wildlife sanctuaries, zoos as staff, volunteers pay for animals’ food

Wildlife sanctuaries, zoos and animal hospitals are being crippled by the coronavirus, with the ban on gatherings robbing them of the funds needed to feed the animals and retain staff.

By George Roberts, ABC News. 16 April 2020

Ending logging in Victoria now would save taxpayers $192m, budget office estimates

The Greens asked officials to calculate the cost of shutting down the native forest timber industry immediately rather than 2030 as planned.

By Adam Morton, Environment editor, The Guardian. 13 April 2020

Jane Goodall says global disregard for nature brought on coronavirus pandemic

Renowned conservationist and activist Dr Jane Goodall is hoping the coronavirus pandemic will be a wake-up call, warning the crisis is a result of human disregard for nature and animals.

By Kirsten Diprose and Matt Neal, ABC South West Vic. 11 April 2020

As yet UNKNOWN virus killing macropods

The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health is asking to be contacted if wildlife rescuers and vets are finding “unexplained cases of acute mortality and oedema” in macropods. Please keep eye out for symptoms, and report to the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health (

By The Bathurst Kangaroo Project, Facebook. 10 April 2020

China’s dogs to be recognised as pets not livestock under coronavirus regulation review

China has drawn up new guidelines to reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock …

Though dog meat remains a delicacy in many regions, the ministry said dogs would no longer be considered livestock.

By ABC News. 10 April 2020

Dingoes divide scientists and farmers over ecological importance

Some of NSW’s top scientists and farmers are at odds when it comes to the importance of dingoes to the state’s landscape.

By Giselle Wakatama, ABC Newcastle. 9 April 2020

Coronavirus is the biggest global science policy failure in a generation

The warnings of doctors and scientists were ignored, with fatal results.

By Richard Horton, The Guardian. 9 April 2020

Video: Young wombats

… can be very playful! Thank you Sammy’s Mob and all the carers.

Wombat Awareness Organisation, Facebook. 3 April 2020

Australia’s killing ways

“The birds that were released in 1902 apparently didn’t take, they didn’t survive very long,” he told Chris Wisbey on ABC Radio Hobart. “In 1906 there were birds released in places like Epping …

By Carol Rääbus, ABC Radio Hobart. (Archive 25 Jan 2018)


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