In the news: June 2020

Captive-bred regent honeyeaters successfully released in Hunter Valley, giving new hope for critically endangered species

There is renewed hope for critically endangered regent honeyeaters after a large-scale release of captive-bred birds in New South Wales.

By Emma Siossian, ABC Mid North Coast. 23 June 2020

The long-nosed potoroo outsmarts and lives alongside cats

A new study has found that long-nosed potoroos are capable of co-existing with a deadly predator.

By The Conversation. 16 June 2020

Banned: No more pangolin scales in traditional medicine, China declares

The Chinese government has banned pangolin scales from use in traditional Chinese medicine, and elevated pangolins to be a level one protected species within China.

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Mongabay. 10 June 2020

Mysterious night parrots may be blinded by the night

Australia’s most elusive bird, the night parrot, may not be as good at seeing in the dark as its name would suggest, and not much better at seeing in the dark than daytime active parrots.

By Dr Vera Weisbecker, The University of Queensland. 10 June 2020

The photographers changing the way we see animals

Popular culture can create stereotypes of ‘cuddly’ pandas or ‘evil’ snakes — but some photographers are setting out to change how we see wildlife, writes Graeme Green.

By Graeme Green, BBC. 9 June 2020

Discovering Colombia’s rare flora and fauna

Colombia’s tropical rainforests have been disappearing fast. Since the 2016 peace deal between the government and the Farc guerrillas much of the virgin jungle that was previously off-limits due to conflict has now been chopped down, destroying entire ecosystems. But now efforts are under way to save what’s left.

By Frank Gardner, BBC. 7 June 2020


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