In the news: March 2020

State MPs dismayed at NSW Forestry logging unburnt habitat after bushfires

Endangered species have lost up to 82% of their habitat but Environment Protection Authority says logging of unburnt forest is legal

By Lisa Cox, The Guardian. 15 March 2020

Man admits to his involvement in running down 21 kangaroos on NSW Far South Coast

A man charged with torturing and causing the death of kangaroos last September has changed his plea to guilty.

By Adrianne Reardon, ABC South East NSW. 11 March 2020

Christmas Island robber crab suspected of nicking expensive camera in late-night burglary

It seems Christmas Island’s notorious robber crabs have truly earned their name after a suspected late-night burglary on the remote territory.

By Rebecca Parish, ABC Pilbara. 11 March 2020

Australia’s extraordinary and vulnerable animals, in pictures

Pre-eminent Australian wildlife photographer Doug Gimesy has dedicated his career to the protection and conservation of some of the country’s most vulnerable species.

The Guardian. 8 March 2020

Bush tucker specialist replants food for native animals after bushfires — before rebuilding his home and business

After a bush fire destroyed Nura Gunyu, an Aboriginal education and cultural teaching property in Milton, NSW, its owners and community members are passionately replanting before rebuilding, ensuring a source of food for native fauna to return to.

By Sarah Moss, ABC Illawarra. 6 March 2020

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