‘Kangaroo’ Film Makers Call for a National Inquiry- Sign the Petition

‘We Call for an URGENT NATIONAL INQUIRY into the Ongoing Mistreatment of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are a much-loved international icon, recognized around the world as part of Australia’s unique identity. We are deeply concerned that the killing of kangaroos has become the largest wildlife slaughter on the planet.

After spending 5 years making our award winning film “KANGAROO a Love Hate Story” we have been shocked to learn about the brutal treatment of kangaroos across Australia.

Many proud Australians, scientists, politicians and indigenous representatives have come forward presenting us with eyewitness testimony and evidence proving systematic cruelty against our national icon.

A group of international academics have written a letter raising concerns about the ongoing exploitation, abuse and lack of population transparency surrounding the treatment of this unique species. Please read their letter and SPEAK UP for kangaroos NOW.’

Full details and petition here: https://kangaroothemovie.com/national-inquiry

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