Killing for kicks in Victoria off again. Call the premier.


THE VIC LABOR government sounded another death knell for our beautiful native waterbirds. A five-week duck shooting season commencing May 2 and ending June 8 with a three-bird daily bag limit was announced today.

You’d think enough of our wildlife would have perished recently but apparently the bloodthirsty fetishes of just 0.02% of Victorians who ‘kill for kicks’ are more important to Labor than the preservation of our seriously diminished numbers of native waterbirds.

Thank you to everyone who tried to stop this tragedy. It is devastating that they didn’t listen to your many letters, phone calls and newspaper items. Attached are some of the most recent letters.

But we aren’t going away. This is a disappointment but we must stay strong for the birds because this abomination and blight on our society must, and will be stopped.

After 34 years of campaigning, we will keep fighting as hard as ever until duck shooting is banned. [Link to our media release.]

States’ bloody war on wildlife: this month it’s ducks
By District Bulletin, 14 March 2019

Please keep the opening weekend of 2nd and 3rd May, 2020 free.

Online registration to attend duck rescue will be available in late March.

Meanwhile though, please phone Premier Andrews on 03 9651 5000 and tell him how disgusted you are. Then email Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio and thank her for trying to stop the duck season. Tell her how devastated you are and so disappointed in Labor.

Both Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes and Lily D’Ambrosio were required to endorse a duck season but because D’Ambrosio refused, it appears Premier Andrews has had to make the final decision. Please cc copies to Premier Andrews and Jaclyn Symes and to all your Lower and Upper House Labor MPs  which can be found here.

— Laurie, Lynn and Dave, Coalition Against Duck Shooting

IMAGE SOURCE: JPS, Shutterstock


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