Important Links- NSW Kangaroo Cruelty

Don’t believe us?

Knowledge and information on this subject is really important. With the kangaroo industry, farmers and politicians all with vested interests in keeping the kangaroo maligned as a ‘pest’ that reproduces out of control and must be culled, we need to look at all the facts.

Many of these groups also have Facebook groups you can join.

With so many groups, ecologists, conservationists and film makers all trying to explain the same thing how can there NOT be a problem!

Kangaroo advocacy groups

More facts on kangaroo killing:

RSPCA Australia. 2002. A Survey of the Extent of Compliance with the Requirements of the Code of
Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos. E. Australia, RSPCA Australia.

A Shot in the Dark- Prepared by Dror Ben-Ami, PhD On behalf of Animal Liberation NSW 2009

Decimation of an Icon by Nikki Sutterby ASK

10 Myths about Kangaroos

Articles and blogs:
Eyewitness account warning graphic images

Cover picture by Carol Lynn

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