NSW Kangaroos Letters to and From the Government/Authorities

AWPC’s Letter to NSW Premier Kangaroo Cull

Email Letter from Minister’s Office to the AWPC

Letter to NSW AWL- Roo Cull Monitoring
Letter to NSW Police Minister- Roo Cull Monitoring
Letter to NSW RSPCA- Roo Cull Monitoring

Letter to Eve Kelly AWPC from NSW Police Re monitoring of welfare

As you can see only NSW police replied to your letter about kangaroo welfare. We originally sent our letter to all three ‘welfare monitors’ on 12th of December 2018, and then reminded them and re-sent the letter to RSPCA NSW and Animal Welfare League NSW on January 14th 2019, we are yet to receive a reply.

* please note the AWPC’s postal address has now changed to: AWPC, PO Box 3312, Mornington VIC 3931

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