Australia conducts the world’s biggest on-land wildlife slaughter


National icon, sports symbol and tourist draw — yet these unique Australians, the family of kangaroos, are hunted every night and slaughtered, as ‘pest’ or product, in their hundreds where they fall in back country of every state. Australia-Coat-of-Shame

Butchered in the field, packed bleeding in the tray of a ute, hung in primitive field storage for days. The covered-up reality of a world-leading wildlife slaughter and trade.

Killed for petfood, sausages and shoe-leather

Do you know this happens and is tagged vital Australian business?

Do you know the risks of consuming bushmeat?

Can you keep looking away?


AWPC public info campaign logos 2022-UPDATEAn Australian Wildlife Protection Council public information campaign —
supported by Animals Australia, Save Canberra’s Kangaroos
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