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What has AWPC been up to? Committee Report

Hello friends and members of AWPC,

Here’s what we’ve been doing in the past six months.

Late in 2022 AWPC, partnering with Animals Australia, commissioned a national media advertising campaign on the theme ‘STOP the horror trade’, ‘World’s biggest land-based wildlife slaughter’ (what Australia does with kangaroos).

In Canberra, in consultation with AWPC, Save Canberra’s Kangaroos are also using direct advertising messages in print and electronic media against the ACT government’s shameful kangaroo ‘cull’, while continuing to observe and record the activities of officials and shooters on the killing fields. The 2023 killing started again on the 12 June.

Lend your voice via #savecanberraskangaroos on Facebook.

We met with an adviser to federal environment minister Tanya Plibersek regarding their woeful management of Australian biodiversity in regard to the kangaroo species and indeed on the theme of protecting all not yet-endangered Australia wildlife.

We hand-delivered some copies of our dossier on the kangaroo hunt: Can you keep looking away?’, plus copies of Maria Taylor’s book Injustice: hidden in plain sight, the war on Australian nature’. We think they heard us?

The AWPC committee, with expertise from president Frankie Seymour, wrote submissions to federal and state authorities regarding the biodiversity tragedy, asking that the government use the EPBC act to protect ALL our native species. The submission to Minister Plibersek, in response to her call-out for solutions to assist conservation of Australian biodiversity, outlines paths to action for biodiversity that are available to the federal Environment Minister. Australia has signed international treaties to conserve nature and biodiversity that are not being acted upon.

Send your message of care for all wildlife and the critical role they play in biodiversity to the environment ministers, federal and state.

AWPC is supporting protection of wildlife efforts at state level – ACT, NSW and Victoria – including in the Sydney metro area where koalas and threatened ecological communities are facing the bulldozer for housing developments.

Here on this new site AWPC has made a helpful resource guide which you will find at the top of the page. Please use and share for questions of where you can tie in to conserve our native wildlife and its habitats.

Best Wishes,
The AWPC Committee, Frankie, Joanna, Maria

We are interested in your stories of co-existence and sharing with wildlife.

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